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Public Participation in Board Meetings, Policy 903

On behalf of the Board of Education, this communication is regarding Board Policy 903 – Public Participation in Board Meetings. Policy 903 provides the authority and guidelines for the public’s involvement in Board meetings. 


General Guidelines

  • The Board requires that public participants be residents or taxpayers of this district or anyone having registered a legitimate interest in a contemplated action of the Board.
  • Participants must be recognized by the Board President or designated presiding officer and must preface their comments by an announcement of their name, address, and group affiliation if applicable.
  • No participant may speak more than once on the same topic.
  • All statements shall be directed to the Board President or designated presiding officer; no participant may address or question Board members or administrators individually.
  • The Board President or designated presiding officer is not obligated to respond to public comment.

Public Comment - Each Board meeting offers two opportunities for Public Comment.

Action Agenda

  • Thirty (30) minutes is designated before Board action for individuals with comments restricted to the meeting’s action agenda items.
  • Individual speakers are limited to three (3) minutes.
  • If more than ten (10) people wish to speak at the 30-minute public comment period, time limits may be further reduced.
  • When a new item that has had no previous discussion appears on the agenda, the public may comment before any Board action is taken. Individual speakers are limited to three (3) minutes.


Other Issues

  • Anyone wishing to address the Board regarding an issue not related to an action item must notify the Superintendent's office by noon of the day of the Board meeting.
  • The individual must identify to the Superintendent’s office their name and topic they wish to address.