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Superintendent Notes

Hello Bangor Families,

It’s been a busy month at Bangor Area School District.  Winter has been unseasonably warm but, comparatively speaking, the action at Bangor has been hot.  As you can see, our new website is up and running.  It is still a work in progress although we think it is much better than the previous website.  I want our website to be a valuable tool for everyone.  I hope it has hit some of our goals in providing relevant information and is easier to navigate. In that regard, if you have suggestions for improvement please do not hesitate to inform us.

Kindergarten registration has gone paperless.  Our parents can register our newest students without having to come to the school.  Response to this initiative has been good.  Our plan is to expand paperless registration to all grades as quickly as possible.

I encourage each member of the community to join us at our monthly symposiums.  Information about each session is posted on our website a few weeks in advance. These gatherings offer important information about our school district with the opportunity for questions and/or suggestions at the conclusion of each session. We have had some very good conversations and received great input on initiatives from past attendees.

I also suggest attending our Board Committee Meetings.  There are four committees in the areas of Buildings and Grounds, Curriculum and Instruction, Finance, and Policy.  All of our committee meetings are publicly held at our administration building.  Our school board members are very invested in our committee process.  Much of what drives the District comes from these committees. 

Senior Experience will open to eligible students.  I am very proud of this initiative which allows our students to explore college and career options.  We developed the five-block schedule knowing that it would accommodate additional opportunities for all students allowing us to create Senior Experience. From inception to completion, I am extremely pleased that we were able to move so quickly due to the effort of the team who worked so hard on this program. My sincere gratitude is extended to the parents who participated in the Senior Experience Symposium.  The information we received was extremely valuable.

The Parent Portal is becoming an increasingly important form of communication.  We are moving away from paper report cards and will be posting student grades in the Parent Portal.  Please sign up for your Parent Portal account in Sapphire to remain up to date on school and student information.  We will provide a paper report card upon request, but our goal is to move the District in a more eco-friendly, paperless direction.

Academically, our schools are moving in the right direction.  Our High School has jumped 103 points in state ranking over the last two years.  Bangor Area High School was ranked in the bottom third in the state and is now ranked in the top 50 percent.  The success rate of first-time test takers on the Keystone Exams has improved 30 percent.  Our mid-year benchmarks in Reading, Grades K-3, are excellent. We recognize that our work is far from finished, but we have great administrators, teachers, staff, and students.  Your strong support of our schools is greatly appreciated as we continue to strive for excellence!


Dr. William Haws