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January 2020 Faculty Employee of the Month Mrs. Amy Gravel

January 2020 Employee of the Month (Faculty)

 Mrs. Amy Gravel

Gravel 1/20 EOM

Mrs. Amy Gravel is a kindergarten teacher at Five Points. Mrs. Gravel began her career at Bangor in 2003. Mrs. Gravel’s career is truly a model for others. Mrs. Gravel demonstrates great dedication tirelessly working to ensure that all of her kindergarten students reach the highest possible level of success. The learning data of her students consistently demonstrates her ability to get her students to reach and exceed grade level standards. Mrs. Gravel never gives up on a student and this is seen in her remarkable ability to help her students achieve success. Beyond helping her students academically succeed, Mrs. Gravel also works with students to help them develop the social and emotional skills necessary for success in kindergarten and beyond. Mrs. Gravel truly takes a whole learner approach when working with her students.

Mrs. Gravel is an incredibly hardworking and knowledgeable educator. Her leadership is quiet but steady. She is always willing to assist a colleague, share resources, or work with a student to help them make progress. She is the first to volunteer to check-in a student in the morning and review their day with them at the end of the day. Often these are not Mrs. Gravel’s direct students, but students from throughout the building who need extra guidance and support. Mrs. Gravel has formally served as the grade level curriculum leader and she served in this role with a high level of dedication. Whether with the formal title of leader or not, Mrs. Gravel embodies all that a leader should. She has a clear understanding of what kindergarten students need to learn both in kindergarten and for success beyond kindergarten. Mrs. Gravel goes above and beyond to ensure that all kindergarten students master these skills. Mrs. Gravel has provided a great amount of leadership in the refining of our kindergarten program to help over 95% of students consistently end their kindergarten year on grade level! Mrs. Gravel is the utmost professional. Although she is too modest to admit it, Mrs. Gravel has so much professional work of which to be proud. Five Points is so lucky to have her on staff and all of our students and teachers benefit from her leadership, knowledge, dedication, and kindness.