• The use of video and audio recording equipment supports efforts to maintain discipline and to ensure the safety and security of all students, staff, contractors and others being transported on district-owned, operated, or contracted school buses or school vehicles. Thus, the District authorizes the use of video and audio recording on school buses and school vehicles. Each school bus and school vehicle that is equipped with video and audio recording equipment contains a clearly posted notice informing drivers and passengers of the potential for video and audio recording. In addition, the District complies with the provisions of federal and state law and regulations regarding student record requirements as applicable to the District’s use and disclosure of recordings. Recordings considered part of a student’s educational record are maintained in accordance with established student record procedures governing access, review, and disclosure of student records.

    Use of video and audio recording cameras allows for the recording of the behavior of the students and the bus driver’s methods of managing student behavior. The school bus or vehicle will have a special box installed in the front, which can house such a camera. If there is a student behavior problem, the recording may be reviewed by the District administration and/or a member of the transportation department. Discipline infractions will be handled by the student’s building principal and/or his/her designee, who may review the recording, inform the student(s) and their parent(s)/guardian(s) of the behavior infraction, and administer appropriate discipline. If you would like more information, a copy of the Board Policy No. 810.2 titled, Transportation – Video/Audio Recording, is available on the District’s website.