• Welcome to the Community Parent Advisory Committee Website

    The committee's purpose is to:

    • Serve in an advisory capacity for the development and improvement of the Bangor Area School District.
    • Serve as an avenue of communication between the school administration, parents, and community.
    • Assess the needs of the school community as related to the Bangor Area School District to be used as a basis for creating goals.
    • Assist in the comprehensive planning process for the Bangor Area School District.

    Please use the email address below to provide comments, suggestions and feedback to the committee.

    NOTE: The committee will not address any individual parent/student/staff concerns or issues.  Please contact your child's building principal to discuss specific matters.

    Community Parent Advisory Committee Email Link

    Sapphire Community Web Portal Link


  • The following initiatives have been put forth by the Community Parent Advisory Committee:

    • Sapphire Community Web Portal Help Video (Completed)
    • Community Parent Advisory Committee Web Page (Completed)
    • QR Code Magnet for accessing this webpage (Completed)
    • Cell Phone Free Days



Membership Application


  • Parent/Community Members

    • Nikki Huggan (Chairperson)
    • Melissa Huratiak (Vice-Chairperson)
    • Alicia R. Zito, Esq. (Secretary)
    • Scott Cole
    • Jamie Goffredo
    • Bryan Graver
    • Karen Kennedy
    • Zachary Miller
    • Andrea Renner
    • Alissa Sellers

    District Administration Members

    • Dr. William Haws, Superintendent
    • Dr. Braden Hendershot, Assistant to the Superintendent
    • Dr. Joseph Kondisko, Director of Student Services
    • Dr. Kristin Kruger, Assistant Superintendent