SAP Referral Form

  • SAP Referrals are only checked during the school day . If you are making this referral during after-school hours and your concerns are urgent in nature, please contact the Northampton County Crisis Intervention Hotline at (610) 252-9060 to receive immediate assistance. If there is a life-threatening emergency, call “911” or visit your nearest emergency room.

    1. Core Student Assistance Program Team: Mr. Krohn, Ms. Deemer, Mr. Disidore, Mr. Andrews, Mrs. Hopstetter, Mr. Kichline, Mrs. Kulak, Mr. Brewer, Ms Rabbat, Ms. Derry, Mrs. Andrews, Ms. Walters, Mr. Smith, Dr. Martinez

    Please check observable behaviors and any comments for the student referred to the Student Assistance Program.


    2023-2024 Bangor Area High School SAP Referral Form